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Texts, Lies and That Sour Grape

Yes, Mi. Most texts are lies and usually about sour grapes, although the sender will never admit it. Case in point, even people who claim to be friends mostly reserve the whining for yours truly, so much that I often wonder if I am a whine-magnet. I mean, they’ll be having a good time as evidenced by their updates online, amply supported by photos to prove it. So why rant and complain when they talk to these chosen friends? I’ll never know. And I don’t want to, thankfully.

What’s amusing is they don’t seem to realize their online updates are public and visible to the people they whine to, especially when they contradict themselves. For example, they’ll post about how great something is, and when they text one on one, say what we see of them in public is not the truth. So why the lies? I don’t know. Sigh.

I suspect it is often sour grapes, because the amount of one-up-ness out there is so crazy. Everyone wants to be better than everyone. Comparison, that thief of joy, is ever trending. So sad. Also, it is always about the numbers. Even the people who acted like friends hardly ever keep in touch. Gone are the days when someone will call just because they want to chat, without an agenda. No texts unless they need something. Of course, while meeting at events there’s a lot of enthusiasm which wanes off the moment they step off the venue. So charming.

I wonder, has life become so hectic that people have forgotten how to enjoy themselves? Most people are chasing their own tails with that constant FOMO. They sleep with their phones. Their thumbs are furiously busy on the screen even as they pretend to spend time with “friends”. Maybe to post an update because the world will stop spinning on its axis if they don’t. Also, isn’t the world breathlessly waiting for all those selfies?

These are the things that make me feel old. These days, pleasantly so. I do understand that the internet is a wonderful thing but is it not important to make sure that it doesn’t control us? Why allow it to manipulate our time and relationships? There is more to a connection than likes and follows and fans. Then of course, there’s the “follow to unfollow” which is something that’s beyond my ken. Whose loss?

Okay, enough said. I don’t rant online as a rule, and I know you won’t approve, Mi. But today, please forgive me. My excuse is a headache, some overwhelm, a cold and a raspy throat and wheezing. Also, small mercy, I am doing it in my own space. Sometimes it feels good to be isolated.

Way better than people saying one thing, doing the opposite. No?

Okay. Here’s a song running through my head right now. Always ready for Freddie.

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