Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


Another year, Mi. Seems like the days are whizzing by. There are weeks when I wonder if there was even a Monday to Friday because it seems like a Saturday way too soon. Of course I know Time and Tide wait for no woman, but still!

And what have I been doing to make it seem that time has definitely not waited for me? Well, good question, you know. I’ve been busy busy busy doing invisible things. I mean, things invisible to anyone but me. Clearing out closets, cleaning up shelves, and making snails-pace progress on the decluttering. It seems like there’s something new for me to handle every single day and perhaps I am okay with it, even though it seems rant-worthy. At least nobody can say I lead a boring life.

I think I’d say the highlight of Jan was the short break at Mohali. What a lovely campus. There’s not a day when I don’t wish you were around to enjoy that trip. I also imagine you worrying over all the little things in relation to Vidur while he stands back smiling and reassures you everything is fine. I can fantasize, right? I’ve got good company in Sury to fantasize with me on the what ifs.

This month I’ve also cooked up a storm thanks to all the fresh veggies. I’ve been shelling peas like there’s no tomorrow. Gotta enjoy it when in season, right? He he. Also dping our customary gajar halwas. By the way, these days we also enjoy rava kesari you know? Healthy and filling and definitely delicious, too.

There are days when I try to figure out what to snack on because even though I am nuts about salads, there are times when I feel like eating something else. Some days I pop corn. Some days I make the instant mixture with oats and poha. Got to add more safe options to my list. Fruit’s there, but you know, sometimes some chatpata stuff is in order.

By the way, a couple of times Sury got me samosas to cheer me up. So sweet. But also so calorie dense that it ended up making me feel guilty. Not that it stopped me from eating it, but I told him strictly to restrict it to once a month. Less guilt that way.

Sigh. So I’ve also been bingeing on the greens. Great palak now you know. And on impulse I also got a couple of bunches of pudina with the intention of making a little chutney. This morning after separating the leaves I got a little caught up with something and to avoid them from wilting, I quickly ground them with some dosai milagai podi and some amchur and salt. It tastes good, you know! Only… the jaggery in the podi comes in the way. I am thinking adding a chili or the other spicy podi will solve it. Ah, what lovely issues to solve, eh?

I will be back with more soon!

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