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Back to the rottine

You’ll find it so funny if I admit this, Mi. I was happy to make rotis today. Hence the rottine–you know. (Courtesy Sury of course). I asked him if he found it amusing that I enjoyed making the rotis today…

Nostalgia on demand

Does that even make sense? Yes, it does, Mi, because that’s exactly what we tried to do. And succeeded. But let me begin from the beginning. So as usual, U and I, during one of our marathon phone calls laughed…

Never the same

Never the same

So, based on the success and the happy reception of the besan-coconut-almond burfi, I decided to do a “repeatay”, Mi. After all, who doesn’t want to replicate a good thing? Also, the first batch left a craving behind, after its…

Some Mothers Do Have Them

It’s nostalgia week of sorts, Mi. I was in Bombay for two days and was so tempted to run across to see Little Flowers’, but didn’t have the time. I resolved to go see it next time I am there….



Even temporary goodbyes are weird, Mi. This time we were imagining all the things you might have done if you’d been around, each time Vidur visited. Of course we know the mid-sem break is super short. Technically a week that…

Little Mundane Things

I have a long list of tiny things to do, Mi. But they have to be done. Mundane stuff like calling the paperwala, change the sheets, scrub the bathrooms, clear out some clutter, take stock of groceries and refill, sweep,…

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