Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

You know how it is

So just like that, another year passed in my life and I turned one year younger and wiser. Seems strange to me that with each passing year, I miss you especially more on these significant days. After all, a birthday is a personal special festival, isn’t it?

This year I spent it away from home attending a convention. Had a nice day, nevertheless. You remember M don’t you? She came over and we had a wonderful time chatting, reminiscing, discussing the world’s issues as if we had none of our own.

You know these days I am a bit disoriented, Mi. Sure I do all the things I am supposed to do, but there’s a very in-limbo-ish. I get easily distracted. I say distracted because scatter-brained sounds so much worse. Remember how focused I used to be when I worked on something? Pretty lax thee days.

Maybe I work best under pressure–because on days I pile up work I manage to accomplish it just fine. So why the lethargy and ennui? Sigh.
Sometimes I think it is the feeling of uncertainly about certain things. I know you always prodded me to focus on what I had but you know, it isn’t always easy. I have to remind myself.

Oh yes, I have a sticky note where I can see it all the time to nudge me, but still. The next few months are going to be somewhat scary–at least for me. I feel rather sulky about the whole thing. What to do? I cannot think this too shall pass, as much as I love the cliche. 

But let’s look at those silver linings. Yep. Vidur was home for a week last month. Was so excited and looked forward to his visit! It was hectic for him with two major exams during this visit, but still. Seeing him . . . you know what I mean. I tried to spend as much time as possible with him.

In my own simplistic way, I am thinking how nice it is that his favorite shows were on TV and how we enjoyed at least some of them, eating chocolate. Yep. Saved all my allowances for his visit.

Oh, by the way – I got featured in the Indian Express. See.

Cool, right? Took me back to the time when I made my debut on AIR on the Youth program on Mother’s Day. And how we all sat waiting for the program around that tiny radio set with our neighbors so everyone could listen in. And how everyone applauded as though I was a celebrity.

Fond memories, Mi. Today, I think how appropriate that it was a Mother’s Day. Of course I’ve been published in major newspapers before. Even so, it feels wonderful. You would have been happy to see it. I imagined you frantically getting a copy of the paper so you could cut the article out and tuck it into your diary.

Talking about diaries, do you know how many sweet things I’ve been discovering from your writing? I’ve never known a warmer, more generous, more loving person than you, Mi. 

Sigh. Well, here’s a laugh for you. I am sitting on the fence as usual about an extreme haircut. And while I wait for the push to get off, you’ll be amused to know that I now oil my hair after washing it. Weird eh?

But I’ve decided that I quite like the slicked down look. Neater, especially with the super-frizz. It’s so annoying. I never had frizzy hair before the past 4-5 years. I even tried mashed banana. I guess I’ll have to consistently do these things, eh? Ah, remember those days when our neighbors would hang around their windows to see me sashaying off to work with that glossy bouncy hair? I want yesterday once more! Shooby-do bup-bup.

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