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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Some Mothers Do Have Them

It’s nostalgia week of sorts, Mi. I was in Bombay for two days and was so tempted to run across to see Little Flowers’, but didn’t have the time. I resolved to go see it next time I am there. By the way, I ate a mulberry and remembered how, in school, we’d pluck all the berries we saw on the hedge and chomp on them, hardly caring that some might be inedible. Such simple days.

I reminisced about those years when someone asked me why I wanted to visit the school. Besides having studied there, it was cute to recall that two generations from our family had gone to that school. You and your cousins and then me and my cousins. And then, the cherry on the cake was you being my teacher and your teacher being my teacher and godmother. Wonderful memories.

I don’t know if Rosy teacher is still alive. And that thought gives me the heebie-jeebies. I still have the book she gave me, you know. Spartacus. And of course who can forget how she took the responsibility of boiling an egg every day during recess at school! And how Celine teacher and D’Abro teacher took it upon themselves to tailor my birthday frocks! I remember all those frocks you know! My favorite was the blue lace one with the frills and bows and the puffed sleeves! And the satin ribbons.

Did I tell you that I am using your peeler these days? Have been for quite some time now. I see why you preferred it now. Safer to use it. I realized I was losing skin each time I used the one I used to prefer. Also the grater. Gosh!

If you’re wondering about the sudden topic switch, I cut one huge papaya in honor of Mother’s Day today, all the while thinking about how much you enjoyed the fruit. Remember how I used to get it from that fellow on 8th main? He would kindly peel it for me every time and pack it and keep it so I could pick it up on my way back from dropping Vidur at school. Then we would both cut it into pieces and enjoy ourselves. I had papaya and almonds for breakfast today!

I am planning to make baghaare baingan. I know you’ll be so proud of me for being an enthusiastic and experimental cook! And of course, I also know you will not be surprised because you always expected me to be one. I thank you for that because you are always my inspiration for most things and especially my time in the kitchen. I realize why you were happiest when you lovingly cooked all sorts of wonderfully delicious dishes! I am super-grateful I’ve inherited this at least partially from you. I certainly love cooking for Vidur, who enjoys his food so much. How I wish you were with us to see him all grown up with a strong mind of his own!

I really enjoy imagining how you would have reacted to various situations we go through, you know. And I am quite sure your innate wisdom would have kept us grounded a little better than we are, now.

I always maintain that god could not be everywhere, so he made mothers–and I am glad you are mine.

It’s so hard to believe that you’ve been gone for nine years–and I feel all choked up every time I think of that week in Feb 2010.

Wish you were here. Happy Mother’s Day to you and me!

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