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He who laughs, lasts

Like a roller coaster ride, that’s what it is like, Mi. Life, I mean. We’re racing through good news, bad news, sad news, and news we are still trying to process, because we can’t decide how we feel about certain things.

As I start my day with prayer, and move on to my routine, filling my heart with the hope that everything will be okay, I can only recall your favorite quote:

He who laughs, lasts.

I remember the first time you wrote this to me in a card you made for me when I was feeling low. Gosh, that day! I was down with the ‘flu and drove you crazy, whining that I was actually fine, but barely able to stand straight for more than a few minutes. Stubborn little cuss, wasn’t I? I recall you sitting in the arm chair across the room, calmly reading your book, with a little smile on your face, because seriously, what more could you do? You had fed me, entertained me, read to me because I was furious I couldn’t focus.

I am glad you had such a great sense of humor. Knowing that anything you said would fall on temporarily deaf ears, you made me a card that still makes me laugh, to this day.

he who laughs, lasts. vidya sury

I wondered why the quote sounded incomplete, but then you asked me to read it again, and to please pay heed to the punctuation. Of course it made sense.

I thank you for the wisdom in those four words–and I am sorry I let out a stream of four-letter words. I am also just a wee bit pissed that your reaction was total amusement, aided and abetted by my best friend. I knew I was no match for you when the two of you ganged up on me and teased me.

Such wonderful memories that make me cry and smile.

Truly, he who laughs, lasts. Because we can depend on humor to keep us going. Okay, so I am speaking for myself.

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  1. BRILLIANT! What a classic example of our brains and eyes racing ahead. Sure enough, I was looking for the ‘missing’ bit. Honestly this is genius! The stand out #candidcuddles line for me this week. Hope to see you again in our lovely linky community.

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