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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Sweat and Tears

By the way, I am using hair oil disguised as cream from garnier (because I am worth it) and it makes my hair smell like it was just washed – not shampoo fragranced just washed, but wet hair just washed.Freaky.Reminds me of all those days in Madras when we’d double-shampoo hair to keep the smelly-sweaty feeling away… better have the fragrance of shampoo on sweaty-wet hair, we’d think.

Oh boy, but how could I forget those days! Especially that deep pink kurta that was such a perfect fit! I’d leave home feeling like a princess and return in the evening, feeling like something even the cat would look at twice, before deciding not to drag me in! I remember the first time I was super-shocked to see those white streaks all over the kurta – salt from sweat! It left a sediment on all our dark clothes, remember? Ewww. So funny I should be thinking of all this! Thoughts triggered by a simple hair cream.

I just realized something, Mi! Remember how we always dreamed of living in the garden city? We used to yearn to visit it! And when I got the job transfer we were so excited, even though it was only for a year at that time, which then extended to two. Who knew we would later return to settle here.

Oh, I still smile to think about how stunned you were to find yourself practically freezing when you arrived one early morning after a brief trip to Madras. You actually needed a shawl. You couldn’t wait to get a long leisurely bath to get the sweat out of your pores, you said, because only then would you return to “normal”. How we laughed over that!.Vidur refused to leave your side after you returned. I remember how bewildered he was when you seemed to disappear for two weeks. Poor chap!

Those days we didn’t even have a phone as our number was in the process of being transferred. These days it is so much more easy to keep in touch – voice, video! Feels so comic when I think of how thrilled we were just to watch movies on a video tape!

Times change. And yeah, change is good.

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