Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


I was idly looking at the calendar, Mi. You know how amusing it is sometimes to read all the info, most of which doesn’t make much sense to me, or to most people for that matter.

Apparently Surya grahanam (Solar Eclipse) is on Sept 13. It reminded me of that particular eclipse way back in 2009. You were on intense medication and fasting until the evening was not a choice. You were so afraid to break the rules and eat anything until the eclipse had passed. I managed to convince you that exceptions were allowed and you finally agreed to eat, embarrassed that you were hungry. You’re the only person I know who felt that way.So finally that day, we did have avial and potato curry and rasam and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. You kept waiting to see what would happen because we had flouted the rules and we laughed so much over that.

Remember how we got that house when we had to shift from that place three months after we arrived in this city? Everyone tried to deter us from moving during that inauspicious month, but we really couldn’t afford that luxury. We went ahead and moved. Naturally we were a bit nervous but then, we were also brave. Funny how the beliefs we grow up never quite go away even though life experiences teach us better. Even though we have proof of the contrary. Interestingly enough, moving to that place at the “wrong” time brought all good things to our life. I got a better job and we subsequently moved back to the city we love.

T and I were talking the other day and reminiscing about “those” days and laughing our heads off over how we would annoy you by doing the opposite of what you wanted us to do. Sometimes I wonder how you tolerated our nonsense. As she remarked, we have a limitless treasury of shared memories.

This week one of my must-do items on my to-do list is to print that photo album for her Mom and send it to her.

And thus begins another week, Mi. Where did the weekend go? It has certainly left me weakened.

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