Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Forward Backward

I’ve been slowly purging you know. I am looking at the big stack of jigsaw puzzles expecting it to dwindle soon. Such pleasant memories of you and Vidur spending hour poring over the pieces! You used to marvel at how quickly he would find the pieces – and the two of you would argue so much! Even though you’ve always loved puzzles your eyesight was not so good at this time and that was a handicap. Still, how enthusiastic the two of you would be!

I loved how you both looked forward to settling down after lunch for a few hours – the memory of the floor filled with colorful pieces from various boxes would be so cheerful! I can still hear you telling Vidur not to mix up the different sets and he would immediately set about doing it – it was such a game for him!

Last week Vidur and I were sitting and chatting, recalling happy memories when he mentioned wistfully, how long it had been since he ate a birthday cake with the gooey icing and potato chips. I was planning to go buy veggies a little later and decided to surprise him – after all, what good is a wish if it does not come true! And the joy of instant gratification is like none other!

Can you imagine the look on his face when I returned home with a little box – okay so I only bought one piece of his favorite cake – and a bag of chips. I urged him to indulge right away – he had just come back from music class and was eatish. He was amused that he would be starting dinner with dessert – and I assured him it was quite alright. After all, do we not sometimes have breakfast for dinner?

By the way, Zee Cafe is celebrating 10 years! Remember how we used to watch those three songs every afternoon at 3 pm and Vidur would think we could request the songs we wanted to see? He would be a little afraid of Diana King’s Shy Guy and enjoy watching Michael Jackson’s In the Closet. So hilarious when he would create his own lyrics and sing along!

Incidentally, did I tell you the kitchen scissors broke, and I started using the bigger one? Every time I use it I smile thinking of how you would scold me for using the tailoring scissors to cut paper – you’d freak out that it wouldn’t be sharp enough to cut cloth any more.

Mmm. Today Tanu and I were reminiscing about those days. Oh yes, we laughed and cried. As usual.

Except, now, you are not around to cuddle us with some strong coffee. We miss you. Every day.

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