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When Life Comes A Full Circle

This morning the doorbell rang and I opened it to see our neighbor. She requested me to go over to her house to check her gas tube. Apparently she was cleaning the 4-burner baby and under it, when the tube connecting the cylinder with the stove came off. She tried to fix it back but wasn’t sure if it was safe.

So I immediately went over. While checking it, I turned to look at her and I don’t know what happened but my eyes filled up. She stroked my back and said she knew I was thinking of those days. Remember how you used to call her to switch our full gas cylinder for the empty one?

Well, I smiled and just carried on fixing the tube…and then lit all the burners – with and without the cylinder closed. One burner refused to light up. So I took the top cover off, whose holes were obviously blocked – and checked again.

As I straightened up I felt a twinge of pain in my side and said ‘Ahhhh’. She immediately rushed to her cupboard and gave me an ayurvedic oil to apply, saying it worked like magic for her. Informing her that I had my own magic in a bottle, and after chatting for some time, I came back home.

Talk about life coming a full circle once again, eh?

What goes around truly comes around, Mi!

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  1. Life comes at full circle and remember how our lovely neighbours would help fix the gas, the grandma would make tea for me back from school when no one was around and relatives calling on their land line. Magical moments.

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