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New Chutney Partner and Other Trivia

Mi, I have news for you. I have a new chutney partner. Oh no prizes for guessing who that is!. It is none other than our V. Did you ever imagine he would relish coconut chutney? I am basking in the happiness! Chutney shall flow again in our house. You and I enjoyed idli dosa so much when the side dish was coconut chutney! By the way I made good use of those pending coconuts – transforming them into chutney, poornam and also using quite a bit in the cooking. Now I am only left with a few coprais and must figure out how to use them. Remember how we used to give them to Yoga mami whenever she visited? She used to be so grateful for all the “raw  material” you gifted her. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen her for some time now. I wonder if she visits the building with her wares.Last time I saw her was more than a year ago – and seems like she’s doing well.  Such a hard-working lady! I remember how you used to cajole her to eat something and go each time she visited, because she looked so tired and those were the days when they were going through such hard times. So glad things are good for her. Son is doing very well.

I got another big pack of curry leaves and sat and stripped the stalks yesterday. Planning to make curry leaf powder today. Just don’t know when – because I was feeling a little over-energetic in the morning and started the day with making idlis and then clearing up the sink. Then, on a whim, I started cleaning the kitchen. Which basically means the living room is a mess now and hopefully I’ll clear it up before Sury gets home. Looks like we just arrived in this house. Just thought I’d disinfect the kitchen after I noticed a special guest trying to sneak in via the window. You know how paranoid I am. Sury always teases me about how I probably don’t know what’s in which corner. Not funny at all. Anyway, Hit (Rs.24/- off)  is my best friend now. I do have Baygon but refilling the pump and using it is more tedious. The spray is easier with its tube nozzle. Now, I want to deep clean the walls and floor before putting everything back.

And even as I am planning it, I have a bizarre idea. Why not paint the kitchen? The memories of us painting it last time with that lovely peach color came flooding back and I am so tempted to do it. Should I shouldn’t I is the question. I needn’t do it all in one day, right? Sections at a time. Who is going to worry if there is a difference in shades here and there. Hmm. Let me see.

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