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Making More Memories

I am still pinching myself over Vidur being in the midst of his 12th std. exams. I feel like sobbing each time I visualize not going to the school. And of course it takes me right back to those days when he joined the school, 12 years ago. How you and I would go to drop him, hang around for the two and a half hours and bring him back because it was crazy to go home and come back. We used to wake up earlier than usual so we could finish everything, including getting lunch ready – and then set off happily. Do you remember how, after the first day we missed our coffee terribly and decided to pack a flask of coffee and snacks from the next day on? Used to be like a picnic – coffee, breakfast and chatting without the usual distractions of doorbells and phones and what not. I am so glad we enjoyed that time together. We were rather expert at making the most of any situation, no?

I smile to think of how we would pack ourselves on the Honda Activa, Vidur standing in front and you riding pillion. There were so many days we didn’t even head off home directly after school! Remember the times we carried a change of clothes for Vidur so we could head straight to the British Library from school directly? They had just started the kids section at the time and he would look forward to it so gleefully! What a tough time we had prying him away from the books! Then, on the way back, we would make a detour via KFC so he could get that kids meal with the toy. Our friends would tease us about going all the way to KFC for a veg burger. But the joy that Vidur experienced? Priceless.

making more memories

Mi, I have to slowly start clearing out the toys. I am laughing to think how attached Vidur was to them a few years ago. Did I tell you how generous he is about giving away? Must have taken after you in that aspect. In fact, he’s quite proactive about it! When we went to Balaji’s son’s birthday, he was quite excited about putting together an assortment of toys for him and his sister, who’s 6. I fondly remember the days when Balaji would tease him about taking away one particular soft toy that almost had Vidur in tears. Do you remember how he tried to offer B other things but not the soft toy? Later he couldn’t believe B was only teasing him.

Was talking to T a couple of days ago. Can you believe she still freaks out over my MS Subbulakshmi rendition of “Doe a deer” from The Sound of Music?​ And the NTR dialog, too!

Sometimes, memories are what keep us going, no?

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5 thoughts on “Making More Memories

  1. How absolutely delightful to go on a daily picnic! That photo of Vidur is soooo cute. Chubby cheeks personified! uff! I am just picturing Mi sitting and reading all these posts with a steaming cup of coffee and chuckling at your reminiscing, wiping away a happy tear and smiling at you from her special place. Vidya, you make life so beautiful with your doses of happiness and nostalgia!

  2. Time flies!By the time you realize you would be accompanying Vidur’s kids to school!

  3. Time sure flies way too quickly, isn’t it? An absolutely adorable photo there too.
    Super-cute post, Vidya.

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