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All Fired Up

Would you believe that Vidur loves baingan bharta? So every time I buy the big variety, I get two or three so I can save one for the bb, one for vetha kozhambu..yum! and one for vangi bath.

But my favorite memory is that time when we would realize it is 12 noon and “lunch bell” would be at 12.30 … and quickly cut up the brinjal for the curry and while it cooked, knead the dough for the rotis and have both ready in exactly half an hour – and always marvel at how quickly it cooked. Then we’d sit together and enjoy our lunch, laughing, joking and feel so happy at how easy it is to make ourselves happy.

vidya sury all fired up

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4 thoughts on “All Fired Up

  1. Oh I love baigan bharta. The smell of it roasting is so appetising, isn’t it? We add a dash of mustard oil and it gets even better. In fact I love brinjals made any way though I haven’t heard of vetha, kozhambu or vangi bath 🙁

    1. Tulika, vathakozhambu is like a sambar without the dal and it tastes quite pungent. You’d love it. And vangi bath is brinjal rice. Yummy. How nice if you could come over for a baingan mela!

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