Changing Times

Changing Times

Mi, I was going through my FB timeline today and – oh by the way, Gopmama is on FB – and I got engrossed with his friends list – which consists of family members and fancy my surprise when I saw lots of photos of Uma and Co’s trip to Europe. I found it so cute to see Uma in jeans! And by the way, she looks like a carbon copy of P’ma! V looks good and the thing that made me happy was all of them looked contented.

Brought back a lot of old memories but I squashed them. I got too much to accomplish today and didn’t need a tiring trip down memory lane.

So guess what! Punarvi got married a couple of weeks ago! The wedding was in our old residential area and I was excited to see Anugraha textiles en route – brought back fun memories. Remember how we went at 7.30 pm at night to the shop to buy material for our new cane sofa set’s cushions? We were keen on getting them on the same night! How crazy! I remember, we made three cushion sets for each seat – a cream colored back, a black seat and a maroon extra for the back.

The lane where we turned to reach the street leading to our house had a pretty display of masks on its compound wall. Unfortunately it was late and we were heading towards the venue in an autorickshaw. I would have loved to stroll down that particular memory lane! The place called Nandana’s is now called something else – we whizzed past too quickly for me to read it in the dark. Ah, those idlis! Do you remember how we almost always got the first steamingbatch with the yummy chutney?

I wondered if the Begum’s house was still there…more important…was she still there?

Sigh. So many memories.

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