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Sad Songs Make Me Cry

Sad songs make me cry. I know, you laughed. I, the one who is not quick to shed tears, actually am a softie when it comes to sad songs, children singing, group bhajans, people starving – especially children, old people being ill-treated, children crying….

Ha! Quite a longish list eh?

So what triggered my tears this fine morning?

I was busy rolling out the rotis, basking in the warmth of the kitchen and in the knowledge that the capsicum curry turned out just as I wanted it to. Just as I was flipping over the last roti on the tava, and humming along with Vividh Bharti’s bhoole bisre geet, the host announces this song. “O jaane waale laut sake tho laut ke ana”. Mi, the tears just burst forth. You know, this particular song just grips my heart in a tight squeeze and the memories of those hopeless days after Feb 8, 2010 rush in.

There is a certain bunch of songs I associate with that time. Each time they play on the radio, I feel all choked up. I now have a super-sad playlist, guaranteed to make me cry buckets. And when I listen to this playlist, I want to sulk and just wallow in misery. It is kind of therapeutic you know. The sobbing does me good…I think. I also feel slightly pissed off that you left us so soon. When I realize that this year – 2014 is coming to an end, I am wondering where the heck did the months go? Same place as the others, probably.

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