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Harpic In My Hair #MicroblogMondays

I got Harpic in my hair today, Mi. Ironically, I was writing content for a client in the beauty industry and specifically about hair care. As I did the research, I laughed to myself thinking soon I’ll be in the market for a wig. I even playfully wondered if I should browse right now and check out some styles!

Then of course, I focused and got back to work.

When I was ready to take a break, I thought I’d enjoy a refreshing bath. And you know what that means!

I decided to scrub everything while the water heated. Even in the afternoon it is not warm enough to ditch the geyser. So I Harpic-ed all the surfaces that could use it and gently spread it with the brush. Five minutes later, I figured the water was warm enough and yes, it was – I bathed. Then I thought I’d scrub and wash off the cleaner and that’s when it happened.

I bent near the wash basin to scrub the floor and the next thing I know, my scalp was smarting. I had forgotten the Harpic dripping down the sides of the wash basin! Eeeeks. It was the last thing – no no – it wasn’t even the last thing on my almost non-existent hair care regimen! I panicked for a moment, then quickly splashed water on my head to wash it away quickly before it singed my hair. Oh gosh.

Much later, I kept imagining that my scalp was sensitive…but I wouldn’t swear to it. Talk about stupid eh?

So Mel over at MicroblogMondays asks if I would want to take a first date selfie – in retrospect.

Let me think back on that first date.

It was my first “official” date. I was 24. We planned to drive out to a part of the city where there is a lake and watch the sunset. In my head, I was already imagining a big mug of takeaway coffee as I let the sun’s rays warm me. The guy had other plans. He thought an ice cream was more fun. Then he was amused when I said I wanted vanilla flavor. As I waited, I remember eating the red rose he gave me as soon as we met, petal by petal. It tasted good too. Red roses are like that. Uh, so anyway, we did head out to the lake and had nothing to say to each other, and even before the sun fully set, headed back home….couldn’t be fast enough for me.

So – first date selfie? Nope!

I’ve brought Microblog Mondays with Mel of Stirrup Queen here today. Do join us! It is fun!

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