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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Back On Air

Did I tell you that the champa sapling in our compound flowered some more? How could I have done that when we were off the air? Yep, we were actually off the air thanks to our hosting company for two days. Not that anyone noticed, I think. But how does that matter! What matters is, I knew, I found out and our champ Vanita made sure we were back as soon as we possibly could.

I spent the time offline posting elsewhere, catching up on work, tackling my greens that were fast ceasing to be evergreen. Wonder what it is with them drying up or rotting so fast! I remember we stored them the same way earlier and they were perfectly okay. Must be the weather freaking them out. Who knows.

As a result, 10.30 pm yesterday night had me busy cleaning up coriander leaves and frying dals and grinding it into a chutney. Why so late, you may wonder. What actually happened was  this: I put things away in the kitchen and cleaned up the counters. I opened the fridge for something and was horrified to see the moisture in the coriander packet which only meant one thing. If I let it be overnight, I could as well dump it in the garbage – the entire thing would be a nightmare to clean up. And so, putting away that laziness which was fast threatening to overtake me, I settled down to cleaning it up and grinding it. Sigh.

Got to do that with the curry leaves also. And oh! Still to tackle the coconuts. Thank God for the celestial packing that makes them stay fresh a lot longer.

I got lots to tell you and I will, probably tomorrow. Stay tuned, eh? Then we’ll settle down to a nice long chat. I am also writing that book – it is NaNoWriMo you know! And I can tell you right away that any resemblance to any character living or dead will be totally intentional.

Off to have the much needed kaapi and get to work – got loads to do!


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