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Life’s Little Moments

Can you believe it is bring your teddy bear to work day? There’s a day for every thing! At least this one is laughter-worthy. And I actually wrote a post about it just for fun.

Did I tell you that as I woke up the other day and waited for the alarm to ring (yeah, some habits die hard) I had a brainwave? The panchamukha Ganesha which we removed from the puja room would look great on the wall opposite my bed. I felt so happy with the idea. Planning to place it there tomorrow.

Talking of Die Hard, today’s episode of Friends had Bruce Willis in it. So pleasant – reminded me of that series – Moonlighting we used to see starring him and Cybill Shepard. What fun those days were! Remember the Bold and the Beautiful and Santa Barbara? Years later, we were stunned to see these were still on – and they aired the entire week’s episodes over the weekend. We tried watching one and just couldn’t catch up with the story and let it go.

I had a sentimental moment today when the tablet I took out from its pack rolled off my hand on to the floor and I was watching it so I could pick it up. I used to tease you so much about dropping the tabs! And when I swept the room, I’d always find a tablet or two on the floor! Then I started putting your meds in a little bowl so you’d find it easier to take them. Sigh. Still have that weekly med box, the one with the compartments for 7 days of the week.

Yesterday, after a busy morning, I was so lazy to cut up my salad I just made chunks of the cabbage and ate it layer by layer. Vidur found it hilarious to see me crunching away. I was sweating from the kitchen and just couldn’t bear to eat without bathing, what with those hot flashes and all (yeah, yeah, I am still hot, but it comes in flashes now 🙂 ). Then a funny thing happened. I found that my usual talc was missing from the dressing table – and decided to use another one. Had no idea it was that “cool” talc. I dabbed it under my arms, dressed and went to get my lunch. As I sat on the sofa in the living room and ate, I felt a nice cold feeling spread around my armpits. I wondered what the heck, then remembered the talc. I burst out laughing! It was so unexpected, and so welcome.

Incidentally, I had a moment of disloyalty and bought a different shampoo this time. L’Oreal’s oil plus shampoo – it is quite nice. Oh, did i tell you we’re panicking over the special oil finally getting over? There’s just half a bottle left, Mi. And I can see Sury determined to monopolize it.

I still have to start using the coconuts. This time during Navaratri I received five blouse pieces. Not at all sure what I’ll do with them. Let’s see. I was laughing when I recalled how we converted all the blouse pieces we had when Vidur was born, into clothes for him. You argued that it was excellent cloth, colorfast – so why keep it in the cupboard and make it old!

Today in a fit of energy, I cleaned out the small steel cupboard overflowing with bed linen. And when I emptied it out, aired it and folded everything and stacked it back, it looked neat. I celebrated with a cup of coffee.

Here’s your laugh for the day: ​I got an email about personalized mugs and read it as hugs.


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  1. Dear Vidya, loving reading this series of posts. I love the relationship you have with your mom (even tho she isn’t in this physical world.) Your thoughts and words of your simple daily life make me smile. There’s great love and positivity in your writing which is very heartwarming and uplifting.thank you for sharing your world so openly with us. God bless your family.

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