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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

A Lazy Busy Day

Today was one of those lazy-busy days. Not crazy-busy, like the usual. I woke up as usual and energized after the quiet and leisurely tumbler of coffee, I was inspired to quickly make a plan for writing. I am not sure when I became a sort of morning person.​

Must be the quiet and the ambiance that lets me​ quickly finish up stuff I might otherwise put off. No interruptions, to add to the great feeling. I keep expecting you to move the curtain aside – the one I drew across so that you wouldn’t be disturbed by the light – and grin at me and silently say “coffee”. Sigh.

I had plans of cleaning up the “study” but that didn’t happen because I got caught up with cooking. I made cluster beans today, telangana style. Vidur loves the way Tanu made it and so, now, that’s how we make it! Then the usual favorite tomato sambhar. Salad and sprouts are now staples, for me. I also cooked some barley for myself.

Did I tell you I’ve become a buttermilk drinker? Yeah. It is a pleasant interlude mid-morning. Sometimes I have to fight the urge to give in to the temptation of a coffee – so to counter that, I have breakfast early, so I can have the coffee as well as the buttermilk. Very clever eh.

Yesterday I got some guavas, Mi. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered they are the types that are red inside! I remembered Meenakshi manni so much you know. Somehow I am not a fan of this variety. It tastes a bit odd. Finally, because I had started eating one, I ditched the middle part – full of seeds. The thought of finishing it freaked me out. Ugh. Who knew.

Nowadays I am a little careless you know. I keep burning my fingers or get scorched on my forearms – the pressure cooker and the tava are the sources. Somehow it happens. Yesterday, in the process of rubbing the surface of the tava, I had forgotten it was on the stove for a while, quietly heating up and picture my shock when ​my fingers accidentally came in contact with the surface – ewwww! Hurt like hell. Funny how the sensation sinks in only after a few seconds…and by the time it does, oh! I felt so embarrassed when I realized I wanted to burst into tears. I stuck my fingers immediately in the dosa batter and later, in the running water from the tap.

Felt a bit dull after lunch, which was actually very nice, you know. Vidur and I just chilled watching a couple of episodes of Friends. Can you believe he laughs his head off and enjoys it? I’ve realized we both need some program to see a ritual you know!

Decided to go for a walk to the market in the evening – odd jobs – had to get Vidur a pair of shoes – wonder how his shoes wear off so fast! Then there were his watches to repair – battery conked off. We got them replaced. On the way back we stopped by that surplus garment fella. He’s still there you know! We got some shorts for Vidur​ and from there, took the 9th cross lane back via the arbi fellow. It is Rs.60 a kilo now, you know?​
​ Also got some mango-ginger and ginger to make some pickle.​

​Did I tell you the market Nandini is now a posh place? They’ve renovated and made it a regular shop with freezers and a larger product range. The kid we used to see there is now a young man who manages the shop!​

All the ladies – vegetable vendors are still there in the 8th cross market and smile as we pass. Such a cozy feeling, Mi!

Life does go on, no? This year I missed strolling on 8th cross during Dussera. How much we used to enjoy checking out all the festival footpath shops!

Sigh. Maybe next week I’ll go for a walk by myself.


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