Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Blissing Out

I had the most lovely surprise, Mi. Guess what Vidur gifted me for my birthday? A portrait of you. I was choked, I tell you. I fought back the tears as he ceremoniously handed it over to me. How very sweet of him, no? I shall treasure it. In fact I’ll frame it nicely and show it off.

We talked about you so much today while making baingan bhurta. It has become a favorite with Vidur. We wished you were with us to enjoy it with us. I had instructions to make enough to carry over some for tomorrow as well. I was so overcome with emotion. Lunch was practically a feast with bhindi curry, baingan bharta, paneer makhani, rotis, salad. And curd for me, of course. Very pleasant lunch!

You know what? I finally wore that green skirt today. The one with the bead work around the hips. Except I found it was a bit loose. It was such a nice snug fit when I bought it. Still, that’s easy to fix. Felt nice. Reminded me of those cool export surplus summer dresses I used to wear – one particular favorite – the one with the madras checks was so cute. Remember how we used to buy those cheap clothes at Moore Market? I loved that pink three-tiered skirt so much! And the yellow one with the pretty embroidered shirt. Cheese-cotton was popular at that time.

Those days I used to look forward to whatever you’d buy for me when you went out of town, especially to Bombay or Madras. A shopping spree was for sure. The ones with Venkittu mama were best – he was always so thoughtful about getting a list from me and buying those. Oh, how could I not mention that fantastic denim jacket and jeans Kondu mama sent with Paati when I was 16! I wore it for so many years and finally gifted it to Shnu who wore it for a while.

By the way, I still have the denim skirt. I won’t be surprised if it still fits me. Naaah! Hahaha. I was so excited when I got it!

Still haven’t gotten over my clothes fetish! Sury says it is fine – it is harmless.

Did I tell you that the nonstick tavas wear off faster than before these days? So annoying. You know what a stickler I am for washing them as soon as I’ve finished using them – still the peripheral build up somehow collects and becomes hard to remove. The coating also wears off faster I think. I must break in the iron tava. I tried a few times but stuff sticks to it and that’s so irritating when everyone’s waiting.

​Going to make dosas for dinner, Mi. So many coconuts. Must start using them – making a list of what to do. Wish you were here, Chutney Partner!​


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