Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Stumbling Along

Sury has left for Mumbai today, Mi, and will be back on Tuesday – 16th. He was undecided whether to go because of Vidur’s neck pain – suddenly he developed a severe pain the day before yesterday. Turns out his heavy school bag is the culprit. Imagine. So now we have to convince him not to carry his entire surroundings in his bag. That WILL be a challenge! Poor chap can’t turn his head this way or that way.

My tummy is still upset. I am grateful I work from home, you know. And luckily Vidur also has the day off from both school and music class. Their teacher is busy with something this weekend and had informed in advance. So he put this time to good use and caught up with his Physics practicals writing work and preparing for the exams.

We had a rather quiet day at home as I also had work to do. The computer has crashed, so I tried calling various people – it is crazy how people won’t respond. So I decided finally, after 6 phone calls, to abandon it for the weekend and get back to dealing with it on Monday. Deciding that made me feel very relieved. Lucky I have a laptop to work with and so does Vidur. He uses my old laptop for his stuff.  I am just praying I can start up the computer at least once to back up data just in case we have to reinstall the OS as it means we might lose data. I am leaving it to Fate now, and hoping for the best.

Since Vidur is so fond of it, I made baingan bhurta today and he relished it very much. We thought of you so much and wished you were with us to enjoy it. I imagined you grinning away as you watched me cook, like you used to.

I once remember you were laughing nonstop and wouldn’t say why. Then finally when you could control yourself, you told me that the sight of me in shorts and the towel in my hair, veebhuti on my forehead on a festival day was so hilarious to you. Just because others dress in a saree…awwww. That memory now made me cry.

Every day as I roll out the chapatis, I feel you in my heart. I talk to you in my head. I miss you so much when I have to plan the menu for the day. It is so lonely to do it by myself you know.

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