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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Something To Chew On

So I thought I could get the appointment to see that doc today but I’ve got one for tomorrow now. Let’s see how it goes. I’ve got some expectations but am trying to be as realistic as possible…you know my favourite quote – blessed is he who expects nothing, for he’s never disappointed.

And that is the painful truth. The Buddha had his thoughts right, eh – desire is the cause of all suffering.Truly.

So anyway, can you believe I still find it a challenge to remember the before dinner tab? I am thinking of you, admiring you for always being so correct with taking your meds. I fondly think of your Sunday-Monday box which you filled diligently and took.

I am having high hopes over the diet plan I am expecting to work out tomorrow with that doc. Thing is, I need advice on how many calories per day and based on that, food choices.

Right now, sometimes I wonder what to snack on – salads all the time can be a bit tiring, and also, not ideal. I am learning to do like Padma used to for Shnu – stack the cooker in the morning and pick up cups to eat through the day. That means sprouts. I am also making rotis so I can grab one to go. Salads make me hungry in less than an hour. Initially I was embarrassed by it, but now know that lots of people feel that way. You know I miss you so much every day when I cut the cucumber. You would have loved this one – the small green variety with the almost edible seeds. The other big one was such a pain – more seeds than flesh it would seem!

Although bananas are out, I am glad guava is allowed! What a pity it is seasonal! Hmm. Apples and pears are in and so are pomegranates. I so enjoy opening up the pomegranates and packing them in small containers. When Sury has the day off, he does it so sincerely!

Oh by the way, I was eating a sandwich today when I felt something hard in my mouth and I wondered, stone in bread? Not unheard of! So imagine my shock when I took it out, careful not to bite it and found a white thingy – turns out half my tooth fell off! I groaned at the thought of having to visit the dentist now! Funny how it split vertically and fell off. This was root-canaled a year ago and not capped as the dentist didn’t advise it. So they just filled it and left it like that. Heck.

By the way, I feel like cutting my hair Mi. But I am sitting on the fence over it – I keep visualizing thin short hair and don’t like the mental sight! So a really weak bunch of coriander type it is going to be. Ha ha!

Let’s see how that goes!

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