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No Matter What, Life Goes On

So we’re back to the grind, although I must admit, guiltily that the podis are still pending! Got to do it soon over the next couple of days.

While standing at the bus stop today, I saw a guy walking towards us. He was carrying a baby and holding a little boy’s hand. As they walked towards us I noticed the child was barefoot! My heart ached to think of the uneven rough road with rubble and the child’s tender feet – shudder! I wonder why people never hesitate to spend on their clothes and other accessories but won’t spend a few rupees to cover their children’s feet. Crazy! Another pet peeve was the child was walking on the road side…and not on the footpath side. Happily skipping and talking to himself. To think the man cared enough to powder his face, but no shoes for the child! Bah!

It reminded me of that photo in the Reader’s Digest that I’d look at and keep crying when I was 5. So weird.

On the way back, I realized it was one of those days when every bus is overflowing. I had just decided to walk back home when I saw another bus that looked like there’d be standing space. I got in…and oh gosh. I wish I hadn’t. All the windows were shut. It was warm inside. And you know what? There was the stench of sweaty underarms in the still air. Ewww. Added to that, someone’s nauseating perfume fought with the stink, assaulting my senses.

You’d think that’s all, right?


Someone kindly infused some farts into the remaining spaces and oh boy! Those 4 stops were becoming unbearable. I was on the verge of jumping off ahead and walking the rest of the way. After struggling with it, finally we got one jammed window open. Crazy stuff! One woman was peacefully sleeping through it all, though – with her linen sari over her face. Smart move, I thought!

Reminded me of the Cunega scent overload at that wedding in Madras! I still wrinkle my nose at the thought of it! Someone got a little box full of those little bottles and everyone freaked out over them!

By the way, whenever I see a red kurta, I think of you and wish you were here. You would love them so much!

Life can be so transient, no?

Too little time, so much to do! Sometimes I wonder, what will we do with all that we accumulate? Will it matter?

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