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No free lunches

Did I tell you I took the RISC test when I was at the writers convention last week? This is a complex yet non-invasive test that comprehensively investigates 30 vital cardio-metabolic health indicators. It helps determine if a patient is at risk of developing diabetes and if a patient is diabetic, it helps measure the risk a patient may have for the complications associated with the disease.

So anyway, this test was offered to us free by LifeSpan, who was also a presenter at the convention. Many of us took it. I did too. Got results. And the good doctor was kind enough to invite me to their office in Bangalore, which he planned to visit this week. He also suggested we sit with the dietician and make a plan.

Thrilled, I was eager for today’s appointment, which kind of went okay. I met the dietician, as the diabetologist wasn’t in yet. She made out a comprehensive schedule with suggestions and I am looking forward to implementing it. Lists always work, you know that better than anyone Mi.

But what was disappointing about the visit was – the diabetologist who eventually turned up had just joined them and was yet to familiarize himself with the RISC test and its interpretations. Bwahahaha! So much for the excitement of the test!

Here I was, with a detailed report that was full of acronyms and jargon and color coding and whatnot, and no way to know what the heck it means. All I know is I am at risk for certain things I am support to pay attention to. What…that is something I don’t know yet. Crazy eh. That’s life. Maybe they’re just setting up and will take time to come through on what they plan to offer. But that defeats the purpose of the test now, eh? I recall seeing their ads splashed all over the papers back in February when I was diagnosed with diabetes.

Ah well!

True what they say about no free lunches eh? Let’s see how the diet goes!

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  1. It’s not so user friendly. What’s the point in doing all these if the patient is no familiar with medical jargon? It doesn’t serve the purpose at all!

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