Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Down But Not Out. Yet.

Oh, lordy lord, Mi. I miss you so much today. I desperately need some cuddling! I feel like a used rag that can no longer be washed and reused. Ugh. That cat is going to think twice before picking me up…and decide to ditch me!

I started the diet – it begins with a glass of hot water + a pinch of cinnamon + a green tea bag + a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar + a spoon of lemon juice. If there is a more potent brew to screw my stomach lining, I am yet to find it. So anyway, even though it tastes like hell,  I consumed it in good faith, but I think it is too acidic for my tummy first thing in the morning. Also, soon followed by the coffee was my undoing. But catch me ditching the coffee eh?

For some reason I remembered the tubs of orange fruit we bought when we lived in AWHO – and would have an “orange party” and then my tummy would rebel at the citrus onslaught.

In spite of it, I valiantly kept on following everything that dietician wrote. I have a feeling my stomach is also rebelling at the overdose of raw sprouts. I must confess the only fun thing on the list today was the buttermilk.

Between my trips to the loo – yep – I am suffering a loose tummy – it felt like I was eating all day, or chopping all day, or cooking something or other. I also realized I am anxious and rushing around.

How I wish you were here to cuddle me and say how tired I look! I do, you know. I know I would laugh it off when you said that – but you also astutely pointed out that I would miss it when you are gone. I do. Sorely. Sigh. I miss the cuddling. Just yesterday Vidur was telling me how it is enough for him if I always cuddled him. No hardship that, I can tell you! By the way, he had a haircut yesterday and looks rather sweet. As one of his teachers pointed out – baby face with a beard. Haha. Remember how you’d pat the back of his neck and do “taaji”

Talking of necks, remember those skin tags on mine? It seems these are signs of insulin resistance. Who knew? It seems the skin around the neck becomes thicker and of a different texture from the rest of our skin when it becomes worse.

So anyway, I’ve bought some bunches of mint, curry leaves and coriander leaves to make chutneys and podis. Don’t have the stamina to clean it now. I’ve kept it safe in the fridge. Incidentally, I found that when we wrap the bunches in newspaper and then put it in a plastic bag it stays fresher. Otherwise, just putting it in a container with a sheet of paper is not enough. A-ha moment!

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

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