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That Halo Around My Head

Can you ever forget your first shampoo? It is even more memorable than first love.After all, we’ve gone steady for decades!

And receiving the Sunsilk Natural Recharge hamper via Indiblogger brought back some warm memories, Mi!

It was 1983.

It was that momentous day when my college mate Shanti, who had fabulous long hair came to college with her hair slightly damp, loosely tied and smelling heavenly. Every time she moved, I had a whiff of whatever she used on her hair. By lunch time I could bear it no longer and asked her what it was. She said one word – Sunsilk. I thought, wow, that expensive shampoo.

In our family, all shampoos were “expensive”. After all, the cost of that bottle could have paid for an entire month’s bus fare.

But temptation – you know how it is. It gnaws at you until you succumb. I did. On the way home that day, I stopped at the departmental store near our place and as someone in a trance, moved to the cosmetics section, my eyes hungrily looking for that clear bottle with the thick orange shampoo. I remembered that Shanti mentioned the normal hair version.

I brought home my precious bag, gleeful barely able to contain my excitement about trying it on my hair the next day.

Remember how you and Grandma freaked out that I bought a 300ml bottle of Sunsilk instead of a sachet? It was a big expense and a huge step, shifting from the home made shikakai to a commercially made expensive shampoo.

After the initial resistance, now that I had gotten it, ​ ​all of us wanted to try it. The dream of great-smelling hair from a bottle via lathery goodness…..vs. the hard work of making our own homemade concoction that gave out mixed smells. Oh yes, it kept our hair looking good, but easy is so tempting!

Sunday dawned hot and sunny and all I could think of was my brand new shampoo bottle! I imagined my already healthy hair magically transformed into a shining swathe that swing each time I moved.​

I fantasized about that drop-dead gorgeous guy I saw on the way to college every morning – and imagined he couldn’t take his eyes off my hair.

​So, high on expectation, and armed with my precious Sunsilk shampoo bottle, off I went to unleash the magic.

And you know what?

Magic, it was. On your knee-length hair and my waist-length hair.

We went up to the terrace to air dry our hair as we hung out our starched saris to dry. I took off the towel and held it close to my nose. Mmm. Smelled like heaven.

As I untangled my hair with my fingers, I reveled in the new dimension of silkiness. I picked a skein of my hair and looked at it glinting in the sunlight. I couldn’t wait for it to be Monday to show off my gorgeous hair! I remember how you laughed each time I inhaled the fragrance!

The funny part? You and Manni absolutely got hooked to it. All the stories of shampoo harming the hair vanished from our memory. We enjoyed every drop of the shampoo and even rinsed the bottle to make sure we got the most out of it. And Sunsilk became a regular in our monthly shopping list.

Ever since, Sunsilk has been a constant part of my life and a happy favorite that goes beyond just a cosmetic.

It has been a great confidence booster when:

  • I had important presentations scheduled at work
  • I had to meet a major client and especially wanted to look my best
  • I was looking forward to going on a super-date
  • I just wanted to look great for myself
  • I wanted to try new hairstyles – it made my hair super-manageable
  • I wanted to treat my friends to a hair massage and then add the finishing touch with a shampoo

And now, in 2014, a little over 30 years later, I must admit I still love this shampoo. I’ve used it in all its avatars over the years.

Look at the pretty package I received:

vidya sury sunsilk natural recharge

It still smells wonderful

It still brings on silky smooth hair.

The conditioner smells great!

So maybe I don’t have as much hair as I used to – but hey, it will be a while before I am in the market for a wig!

The all new Sunsilk Natural Recharge completely lives up to its name. With the weather so warm, I don’t need an excuse to wash my hair every day and enjoy the fragrance.

Did I say I love Sunsilk? I do! After all, it is my first shampoo. A love that lasts more than 30 years (and counting) is strong!

A haiku for you, Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo!

Natural Recharge
Sunsilk Hair, Crowning Glory
Promises made, kept

Natural Recharge

Sunsilk hair, crowning glory!

Thanks to Indiblogger for sending me this Sunsilk Hamper

vidya sury sunsilk natural recharge

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4 thoughts on “That Halo Around My Head

  1. Lovely package! There used to be a shampoo called ‘Halo’ remember? Bright yellow and it smelt wonderful!
    How easy it was to make us happy, wasn’t it? Much simpler days they were!

    1. Oh yes, I remember Halo! Somehow it never agreed with my hair and left it flat. I also recall that our local stores only had the egg shampoo version.

      And yes – it takes very little to make us happy. 🙂

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