Little Did She Know

Little Did She Know

I love writing 55 fiction. You may not believe me when I say this, but packing a story or event into 55 words is a delightful exercise. Here are my three 55 fiction pieces.

The last goodbye

She was in unbearable pain. I finally convinced her we had to admit her in hospital. Joking about what to wear, she said, β€œAnyway I’ll be in hospital garb. Bring my lucky red kurta when they discharge me”. We held each other close before we left. Little did she know she would never be back.

A Mother’s blessing

She waited for the results nervously. As the teacher announced names, worry gnawed at her. She thought about her mother struggling to pay her school fees. The least she could do was get great grades. How could she let her mother down? The minutes ticked by. Little did she know she had topped the class.

And Fate Smiled

She counted the money for the umpteenth time. Just a little more and she could gift her Mom the sewing machine she yearned for. It meant a more comfortable livelihood. Dreaming of a better life, she looked at the lottery ticket she had bought on impulse. Little did she know she held the winning number.


I wrote this post for the prompt”Little did she know”

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