Mi – such a cute sight i saw this morning.

was returning from yeshwantpur and took the second bus after letting the first one go – 30 + people squashed like sardines in a can into it. Not that I’ve seen one, but I can visualize it – stuffy stinky.

Sure enough an 82 arrived and I got in. No place to sit, but that was okay since there were hardly any standing passengers.

So naturally I am watching the lady sitting in my line of vision. She showed her bus pass to the conductor and was putting it back in her bag. Before that, however, she was fiddling with it. Having nothing better to do, I looked to see what she was doing and noticed her bus pass was in a single fold cover with a see-through sheet on top. On one half was her bus pass tucked away safely. On the opposite side, the other half was a photo of Prince aka Mahesh Babu. I was so amused. So cute.

But what she was doing was the cutest of all. She had inserted multiple pictures of red roses inside the flap and was rearranging them to line the bottom of Mahesh’s photo. When she was satisfied, she carefully folded the cover and kept it inside her bag. Then she looked around – caught my eye and I couldn’t help smiling. She did not respond…embarrassed, perhaps by my blatant staring. I found it so charming. She just pulled her sweater closer and looked out the window. My stop came and I got off….with a spring in my step – somehow energized at having watched that bit of adulation. Wonder what thoughts were going through her mind?


Can you believe I actually came home and looked online for the pic she had in her bag? ha ha!

Did I tell you about the automatic bleddy doors in the bus? I once got on the steps in readiness to get off and the driver opened the doors. Guess what – my shoes got caught in it. Luckily the conductor was nearby and yelled at the driver to shut the doors so I could extricate my feet from the jammed accordion doors. Ewww. That hurt. I screamed at the bus driver to open the doors. He did with another swoooosh. And I got off with the conductor freaking out verbally.


I laughed all the way home though!