A Comedy of Errors

A Comedy of Errors

Peggy looked everywhere for her jeans. As usual, she couldn’t find them. She was pretty sure she had kept them on her shelf. Her Dad often teased her saying, “You’re just like your Mom”. Sighing, she thought, “let me look in Mom’s room”, only to see her Mom searching frantically for something. “Oh Mom,” she said.” I’ve got your genes”. Triumphantly, her Mom handed her her jeans and said, “And I’ve got yours”.

Laughing, Peggy took the jeans from her Mom and said, “I meant genes Mom. Not Jeans” and hugged her.

She went off to get dressed. They were to leave in half an hour

She went back to her Mom’s room to check if she was ready and overheard a conversation that stopped her in her tracks. Tears were streaming from her Mom’s eyes. “What? You mean dyed? Oh no!” Peggy quietly left the room.

She saw her Dad waiting in the living room, going through the day’s mail. “Dad” she said. “Mom’s crying. She’s so upset. I think she has had some bad news.”

Worried, Dad and daughter looked at each other. “What shall we do?” asked Peggy. “It sounded like someone died and Mom could barely talk. She sounded so incoherent”

“This is so unexpected”, said Peggy’s Dad. “I don’t want her to slip into her depression. Look, here’s what we’ll do. Remember we planned on going away for a weekend to the hills? Maybe we should do that now” Peggy thought it was a great idea. A change of scene would do her Mom good. Being together would make her happy, without the routine interruptions from phone calls and other stuff. “You are right, Dad.” I’ll call the travel agent now.”

Peggy was on the phone, talking to the travel agent, finalizing the booking, when she looked up to see her Mom enter the room, looking gorgeous as usual. Surprised, she requested the agent to hold for a minute and asked her Mom, “Are you okay, Mom?” She saw her Mom dab at her eyes, ineffectively trying to stop the tears and say, “Hey you guys, can you believe Mona dyes her hair?”.

Stunned, Peggy and her Dad looked at each other. Peggy’s expression turned sheepish. Talk about a comedy of errors! She had assumed die when her Mom had actually been laughing her head off at “dye“.

Yes, they did go off on that weekend trip, if you are wondering. They had a great time.


Prompt used:
She said ____. He mistook it to be ____.
The words used in the blanks have to rhyme and your post should revolve around the confusion thus created as a result of the miscommunication.

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