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If only you were here

We were getting ready to attend Smriti Diwas, the annual event at Vidur’s Music School.

I couldn’t help thinking of 2008, when he performed solo the very first time. Sury and he went early while you and I were to follow.

The autorickshaw arrived, but try as you might, you could not get into it. You were in acute pain. Sadly I took you back home and went alone. We thought, next time for sure and consoled ourselves.

In 2009, you were under bed rest, healing, or so we thought. In 2010, you were gone. If only you were here…

* * *


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Vidya Sury

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19 thoughts on “If only you were here

  1. She is with you…around you…inside you! And with this lovely blog you have shared so many of her precious memories with us… You are making her proud! 🙂

  2. Like Aditi said, she’s there in spirit every step of the way…but you know that and the longing still remains…

  3. I always like to hear about your mom who is an inspiration for not just you but for us too through this blog.

    Thanks Vidya <3

  4. Your mother is a wonderful inspiration to all who knew her and to all who have heard/read about her, not only for the way she lived her own life, but also for the way she raised you to be the inspirational person that you are.

    I’m sure you keep remembering her whenever you do or say something that you learnt from her. In that sense, she is very much with you.

  5. Yes I do agree. Mother is always special. The boding between mother and child is so strong that time fails to fade away the memories. It does not require physical presence. It transcends physical presence.

  6. A mother always remains with you whether physically or not. Her blessings are with you. She guides you through all difficulties and crisis. Even at this age, I feel my mom’s hand blessing me.

  7. Oh how sad!! They never really leave us. They are forever in our hearts and in our memories until the day we meet them again.

  8. It is so sad and one can never feel your loss. But, I am sure she is still with you, Vidya and you have honored your mother in such a beautiful way.

  9. Very touching! Somebody said this and it is so very true… love is stronger than death even though it can’t stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can’t separate people from love. It can’t take away our memories either. In the end, life is stronger than death! Hugs Vidya!

  10. Vidya, our loved ones never die. They live in us and they are there somewhere watching us and enjoying our antics on Earth. At least that’s my belief and it helps lessen the pain of losing my dad. Hugs and lots of love sent your way.

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