Waiting To Exhale

Waiting To Exhale

Mi, I feel low. I am trying very hard to yank myself out of it but sometimes, even I don’t succeed. As evidenced by this post’s title and my 55 fiction which you can read shortly. I couldn’t help it. It simply flowed. I am so used to writing full-of-cheer type thingys that this one surprised me. Ah well. This too shall pass, I suppose. I am patient. I’ll wait.

Okay, I know you hate to wait. Go on. Read.


Waiting to Exhale


She looked serene, asleep. Who knew what heavenly thoughts drifted through her mind! Her favorite music waited patiently with her earphones. She’d suffered a restless night, tossing, turning. Crumpled clothes were proof, with her unopened bottle of cough syrup. Would she ever wake up? But it was her birthday! Well played, Fate! What a prank!

The prompt: Your post should contain the three words, earphones, cough syrup and prank.
Weave a story and try and keep these words a substantial part of the story.

That. Is. All.

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