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Something Fresh on the Skyline

I am combining two prompts today – Skyline and Something Fresh, Mi! You know, during our recent trip to Toronto, you might as well have been there with us, since we talked about you non-stop. How could we not! Every sight we saw, everything we ate, every place we visited – we kept saying that we wished you were there and how much you would have enjoyed seeing the place. Especially the Chinese market. It was such a fantastic experience for me.  You would have adored the tangerines and thinking of you, I ate so many. Vidur wished we could carry some back with us, but alas! that was out of the question. As T said, next time!


For the skyline prompt, I am choosing a photo I really love. We passed that place so many times and of course, I had to take a picture every single time! Downtown Toronto – and the lovely Marilyn Monroe building. What a fabulous skyline! This building looks beautiful by day and by night!

Here’s how it looks by day – it was a rainy day! I got this pic through the window of our moving car. T drove around so we could pass it to get a good vantage point, but the traffic kept moving, so this is the best I could do! See the drops of rain on our window glass!

Vidya Sury Marilyn Monroe
The gorgeous Marilyn Monroe building on a rainy day

And this is how the building looks by night. Don’t miss the reflection on the car window!

Vidya Sury Downtown Toronto
Downtown Toronto

Something Fresh

And now that we’ve enjoyed a feast for the eyes, how about a gastronomic treat with something fresh? Here you go. A delightfully delicious salad:

Vidya Sury Something Fresh
Delicious salad

We had fun preparing it and fun eating it. As we prepared it, we talked about how much you loved salads. How could the conversation be complete without mentioning our Sunday salads!

The day began with an early coffee on our verandah enjoying the young rays of the sun, planning the day. Then I applied my magic mixture to my hair, prepared from the night before. Next, I’d switch on the audio cassette player with the volume turned on high enough to hear no matter which room I was in before beginning to deep cleaning our house. You would insist on getting the cooking under way and start by making a huge platter of salad. How you loved arranging it so the colors stood out attractively! Then you kept me invigorated with doses of coffee while you finished cooking and then joined me!

T would join us in the afternoon, by when we would have wrapped up the house-cleaning, showered and lunched. Then after more coffee, she and I would take off on a bike ride, to air-dry our freshly washed hair. On the way back, we would buy samosas and jalebis to enjoy with even more coffee. You’d joke with us saying that if we had to go for a blood test, coffee would spurt out.

And so the Sunday would end on a happy note.

Sometimes we would have more visitors.

More laughter.

More good times.

Ready for the week ahead.


I am enjoying Fat Mum Slim’s August Photo A Day Challenge prompts to blog.


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10 thoughts on “Something Fresh on the Skyline

  1. Heya 🙂 Lovely captures!!
    Sundays are the best aren’t they…all you want to do is put your legs up and just relax but don’t get to doing that…Next you know all your cupboard’s content are out and you are cleaning n cleaning. 😉 True story at my place.

    Loved your recount!

  2. What a strange looking building indeed!
    And, hey hey! What is this magic mixture for your hair?! I need all the help I can get on that quarter! 😀

  3. Ha Ha… coffee, Jalebi and samosa with lovely backdrop of those buildings is all what i kept imagining, Vidya:)

  4. So the pictures are all starting to come out! Nice. 🙂
    I love salads and keep trying out different ones – different dressings too, but keep them light! Yours looks really colorful and therefore, more healthy!

  5. I so love reading urs and ur mom’s chronicles. Lovely vidya the way u explained coffee salad and magic mixture I remembered my sundays , lazing out cleaning applying henna etc
    Lovely Post
    stay blessed

  6. I don’t know about the skyline, but that colorful salad looks appetizing..! 🙂

    I ended up checking the photo to see what was written on that orange too 😛 silly me.

    1. 😀 Just tried not to be too obvious with the watermark Vinay. Oh that salad was very yummy! 🙂 Thank you for visiting!

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