I am happily using the prompts for the August Photo A Day Challenge from FatMumSlim to write my posts, Mi, simply because it is fun and her prompts just rock. Today’s prompt is “incomplete”.

I am not going to refer to our incomplete conversations, never mind the ones we never started and not counting the ongoing ones in my head.

I am not going to mention the number of times I’ve begun spring cleaning lately and have had to leave things half-done. Of course, I take consolation from the old adage “Well begun is half done”. Ha!

So I am half way through the cream cupboard, basking in the soul smiles I enjoy in the process, taking pictures to keep the memories fresh.

I am half way through the numerous books I am writing, some of which are in my head.

If I wish to live to be a 100, then I am half way there, too. I suspect, though, that I may not live to be a 100, nor do I wish to.

I am half way through a few books I am reading in tandem. Can’t seem to get out of that habit. So what! I love it.

I am half way through a few work projects, which is fine too!

I have a lot of incomplete posts in the form of drafts, that’s good for me, obviously.

Let’s not even talk of the incomplete movies I’ve seen! No worries there, since I know I’ll catch them when their air the next time around. Quite like it that way. Who has the patience go sit in a movie theater or waste the time in the whole process!

My morning coffee without you is permanently incomplete. It is as though the soul of its flavor is gone.

My to-do lists without your funny suggestions is incomplete; so I just add certain things and imagine it is you.

Yes, I have miles to go before I sleep!

And lots to dream on the way.

Days blend.Life goes on.
Quiet mornings. Coffee cools…
Incomplete without you

Treasured Memories
Moments cherished Laughter shared
Gently soothe my heart

Vidya Sury

Here is my photo for the prompt “incomplete”

Vidya Sury Incomplete