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Raining Haiku

Mi,when I participated in the Haiku Challenge last year, little did I imagine I’d fall in love with this pretty form of verse. I attempted different forms of haiku during that month and thus began a habit of writing haiku for my friends on a regular basis. I even communicate by haiku with Vidur sometimes. But no, we don’t want to publish those here eh?

Today my haiku is for the prompt “rain”. It is raining cats and dogs – why, I’d say it is raining the entire zoo.

As usual, I couldn’t stop with one. So I am raining haiku


Dark clouds bring sad news
My tears mingle with raindrops
Grey skies cry with me

Lone road, flooded street
Bleak days ahead. Unsure steps.
Heart slips in puddle

Too sad, eh? Here we go, then!

Children laugh and shout
Joyous sounds, a crescendo
Drown thunder and rain

Myriad raindrops
Refreshing cloudburst of joy
Heart sings with birdsong

Raindrops drizzle love
Parched earth awakes, flowerbuds bloom
A garden is born

Cool rain, warm sunshine
Bright blue sky, rainbow, angels
Sprinkling happiness

Thirsty fields rejoice
As summer showers embrace
earth smiles graciously

Showers of kindness
Soothing warmth Awakens soul
A new beginning

What a joy to write haiku!

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25 thoughts on “Raining Haiku

  1. Aren’t haiku addictive? (recently came to know haiku has no plural :D) Each one of the haiku gave a different and yet picturesque imagery of monsoons….and I want a piece of that haiku conversation you have with vidur 🙂


    1. Oh, totally addictive, Richa. As soon as I read your comment I quietly knocked off the “s” from the haiku 😀 But i read that it can be with or without an s. Without sounds better to me.

      Hehehe…haiku conversations with Vidur. I’ll have to get a written agreement! Hugs!

  2. The new look is good. It now looks like a section of your main blog. I like it. 🙂

    Haven’t developed that level of intimacy with Haiku yet. Forget intimacy, we’re not even friends yet. Mere recent acquaintances. So will refrain on commenting on those lines! 😛

    1. Chicky, this is a subdomain of the main blog 😀 I was breaking my head over templates, then thought, why not use the same?
      Haiku – I find I don’t need to analyze it to enjoy it. 😀 Just write, is my policy. And the editing will follow! Thanks for being here, Chicky.

    1. Zeenat! Come here….(((((((hugs))))))) I am so happy to see you here! Yes, coffee anytime for me, too! That header rocks because of my friend!

    1. And I love you right back! 😀 Just read your latest post – beautiful as always. Hugs, Kaarina. And now, allow me to wallow in the happiness of our meeting, all over again!

      1. Sadly, not likely or possible this year due to family commitments and other travel plans in the pipeline.

        Why not have the coffee in Singapore, instead?

        1. It is a beautiful idea. And now that you have planted the seed, I am going to watch it grow and make it happen. I will see you in Singapore, Evelyn. 😀 Hugs!

  3. Well done! 😀 Have never tried writing Haiku myself, but, you’ve given me some inspiration to try it. Very enjoyable.

  4. What a little wordsmith you are Vidya. And love the look of your site. Kudos to you.


  5. Recently stumbled upon your blog n my soul is all smiles 🙂 thanks for sharing lovely haiku…

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