My Morning Raga

My Morning Raga

Lamp glows in the prayer room.

Fragrance of incense, mingling with the aroma of cooking gently fills our home.

Voices singing along with the radio add to the ambience.

Busy in the kitchen, preparing lunch, I think of conversations and laughter shared when we worked together, in perfect harmony.

Packed lunch-boxes go into backpacks headed to work and school.

Kisses blown, goodbyes said.

Silent house.

Smiling, I gather my thoughts and settle down to my second coffee quietly with only the shadow of your smile and my to-do lists for company.

Another day begins as usual, with your blessings, Mi!


Here’s a beautiful song in the morning raga “Ahir Bharav” It is from the 1963 movie “Meri Surat Teri Aankhen” starring one of my most favorite actors, Ashok Kumar and sung by Manna Dey

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