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Why I Write

Mi, This is the second time I am catching this prompt at the last minute – I did that last time, too. In fact, barely made it with a minute left. I am lucky the browser didn’t freeze, because, as we know, Time doesn’t wait for me, or anyone for that matter, right?

“Why I Write”

I worship the written word.

I owe my love for writing to you and GopuMama. And then, to all the people who admire it, inspiring me to keep on keeping on.

Writing is like breathing to me. If I didn’t write, then, imagine!

Besides being a wonderful outlet, writing opens up new perspectives. When I go back and read something I’ve written years ago, I can see how I’ve grown or changed. There are times when I am proud of the way I expressed myself. There are times when I think I can do a better job of it now.

I am grateful you always encouraged me to write. I fondly remember the years and years of diary writing. It kept my mind well-ventilated. It made me think positive. It improved my memory. It boosted my creativity.

Every time we went on a trip, you would always check to see if I had packed a notebook and pencils. Remember how I would sketch alongside the long paragraphs of words? When I couldn’t express something right away, I would quickly make a sketch of it. We used to have such fun going over those!

Our family and relatives who lived in other cities enjoyed reading my letters. Is it the constant writing that ensures that I am never at a loss for words?

In school, I reaped the benefits of practicing writing by being able to express myself well and increasing my vocabulary all the time.

Writing made me a better student, in both school and college. It helped me learn better. And in life, a better person.

Then, when I started working, I remember how I would always take meeting notes in the form of a drama script. Do you remember how one of my colleagues specifically mentioned that to you when the guys came over to visit me in hospital?

I used to enjoy writing long letters to you, just for fun. And you would store them and read them, over and over. I still have those little stories and songs I wrote on the spot!

On a more serious note, I have to remember one of your quotes:

“Diary writing is far more than a way of exorcising one’s unhappiness. The effect is extraordinary. Distanced on paper, troubles shrink to their true size. You can regard them objectively and see how temporary they are”

I experience great clarity of thought when I vent on paper. Yes, I still use that bunch of ink pens I so enjoy ceremoniously filling up from that Camlin ink bottle. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a little smudge of ink on my middle finger! Remember how you laugh at the way I hold my pen?

Ah, all those lists we made! If I didn’t make lists, my time-management would be shot! We were always so fond of pretty stationery!

One of the best things about writing is being able to appreciate other writers. And thanks to blogging, there are so many!

Through blogging, my writing helps make an impact on others. I feel so thrilled when I receive emails from readers asking questions or expressing their appreciation. It warms my heart to think that something I wrote helped someone feel better. It is wonderful to share experiences and thoughts with the world and make a difference in others’ lives.

Writing has brought me closer to so many wonderful people who have become close friends over time.

Writing is like oxygen.

Most of all, I am especially grateful that today, it is my chosen profession. Thanks to my writing skills, I earn my bread, butter and jam as a freelance writer and blogger, helping businesses, professionals and individuals.

My prayer is that, through my writing, I can leave a legacy of knowledge after my time, Mi.

And I am so glad you encouraged Vidur to write, too. He loves to do it.

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Vidya Sury

Writer, Editor, Blogger, Influencer. I blog/create content for businesses and edit manuscripts for authors and publishers. On my blogs, I write about all the things I enjoy in life: parenting, personal development, health and wellness, books, food, travel, gratitude, mindfulness, happiness. In my free time I play with my dust bunnies and show my diabetes who's boss.

4 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Wow. Like always your words don’t create pictures but in fact recreate a portion of your life. You have a wonderful gift of helping people see things not read. And this should be your greatest reason to write 🙂 Lovely!


  2. You are such a wonderful writer Vidya, your words reach out to us and we can feel every word you write 🙂
    I am so glad that you write, for it is our privilege to read and be lifted.

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