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What is in my bag? Day 29 #FMSphotoaday

This one has got to be hilarious, Mi. Remember Peggy? Hmm. that’s who I was today. I took off early in the morning to do a “like old times” round of the supermarkets, armed with my lists. And returned home laden with bags.

It might take a rocket scientist to decode what is in these bags, with my penchant for arranging things just so…here are my multiple bags. Love the multicolored bag – still going strong. Remember how Vidur bought it for me at his school exhibition when he was in KinderGarten? 🙂 Fond memories. Favorite bag now.

I wish you had been home, with the door open, so I could walk right in. I had to juggle my key and open it. Oh, I could have rung the bell….but didn’t have the patience.

I had to come make my own coffee and enjoy it. At least I am blessed with good company.

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