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View From Above

For some reason, this prompt for Day 15 – from above – reminds me of Shekar. He would keep talking about the view from above, just because he was taller than I was. Then one day he said he had the secret to feel taller. Which was – move around with shorter people. Very funny. You know, Mi, Shekar got in touch recently and it was so nice. He sent an invite to his daughter’s wedding. Talking of weddings, remember our ex-neighbors in the opposite house? Deepika is getting married! That kid we saw running around in her school uniform! We used to enjoy watching them – what lovely parents and kids. They visited last week to give us the invites.

Hmmm. It is a while since you saw our canopy of trees from our terrace, eh? So here you go! It is still a fabulous view from above: The cars look like toys. The trees on the other side are beginning to bloom. A beautiful carpet of red is forming.

And here is a view of our beloved city, Hyderabad from the Buddhist ashram in Mahendra Hills. It was a delightful place and we had a fun time watching some of the young monks sweeping the leaves in the breeze – beautiful scenes in serenity!

And taking you to foreign places, here is a view of the other side of the Welland canal where we were waiting for the ship to pass. Most amazing experience! We so wanted to go and stick our face into that cutout and take a photo. Meant to, but forgot!

Here is a view of Toronto from the CN Tower. See the sun shimmering on the water! We were so lucky to have dry weather that day. Well almost.

🙂 You probably have the best view from above, Mi. Watching over us. Sharing our laughter, our discussions – because you always feature in them.

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  1. Loved all of them Vidya. Especially the Welland Canal one. The shadows give t an eerie effect. 🙂

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