The Last Poori Day 23 #FMSPhotoADay

I’ve got one of your favorite things today, Mi. Pooris. With the prompt being “last” I was wondering what to do. I could think of lots of things.
Today is the last day of Vidur’s school vacation. School reopens tomorrow.
I am on the last legs of my internet usage – what with Airtel sending me warning after warning that I am dangerously close to my quota. Ha.  Just a ploy to get me to upgrade. To protest, I simply switched the computer off and got busy in the kitchen. Lots of mint leaves and coriander to separate to prep for chutney and podi. So – I got work done. Then I watched an episode of Columbo – in a half-dozy state with a cup of chai before heading off to a nice long leisurely bath. So double ha ha.
It is amazing to think that Vidur will begin Class XI from tomorrow. Phew! How the years fly. I am so very sad you are not with us today, to cheer him on towards a new academic year. 
Sigh. As always, my head is full of your voice when I am in the kitchen, and I remembered how enthusiastically we would make pooris. I made bhindi (okra) curry with it and since there were two avocados, also made guacamole – thanks to Tanu’s re-introduction to it. I am so blessed to talk to her often.
So here we go with a couple of pictures of the last poori frying. And I’ll run off before I get another alert from Airtel. Then I’ll curl up with a book, like we used to, before bedtime. You, Vidur and I. While Sury busily worked at his stuff.

Yep! Wasn’t I always good at making pooris? As they swelled in the oil, you swelled with pride!
My worst thought when I hear the word “last” is the last time I spoke to you before you were hooked to the ventilator on Feb 3, 2010.  My heart is heavy now.