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Textures of Life #FMSphotoaday Day 14

Barely Day 14 and I am already guilty of lagging behind Mi! Got my fingers in too many pies or what? Not really, because, as you know, I do follow some modicum of preparation even if I last-minute so many things. I can still hear you saying that the eleventh hour is the most critical hour in my life. Indeed. How many situations have been saved by my procrastination! Coincidence maybe, but one too many, eh?

So today’s prompt is Textures! I swear I chose the pictures for this yesterday but thanks to a seven hour power cut during the day time – and during the time I usually sit at the computer, I just had to take this post lower down the priority list. I did celebrate the small things, though! Even if I had to hoist the “ambari” on the elephant! Yes, I am referring to the clearing up of the kitchen sink. It was one of those days when every utensil we had had somehow landed up there. And you know how I cannot rest until it is dealt with. Jai ho to that steel scrub and scotch brite for making that particular job so easy!

Texture always makes me think of Vidur’s skin as a baby. Creamy, soft. As he grew up, I remember how the digital camera would pick up the fine hair on his skin. One particular snap shows the hair practically glowing in the sun. Sweet memories!

I am going to stick to some mundane textures though, today.

I love the feel and texture of these jeggings! Snug fitting, stretchy and most comfortable! The best part? Elasticated waist! Ah, the coolness!

Who can resist the texture of these? Not me!

This is one of the flowers from the florist – I had a tough time choosing between that lovely reddish orange and this one. The petals are soft, soft, soft.

And no post on texture could be complete without your favorite flower! You would carefully store it under your pillow and watch the color and texture change every day. A big bunch would go into your cupboard to keep the contents fragrant! I still have some of your petals in a book.  I remember how mad we used to get when the petals fell off the moment the flower was held. How fascinated we were to find our own street lined with these…and in season, there would be petals strewn all over the place. You and Vidur would diligently pick up the good ones and bring them home.

Sweet memories!

I’ll be going to Sampige road in the evening and will buy a bunch for you.

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  1. I am amazed at how you take something as mundane as texture and weave it into a most interesting post. Thank you for sharing your lovely mother with us all. I truly enjoy your conversations with her.

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