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Sharp Mind Day 25 #FMSPhotoADay

“Sharp” is today’s prompt. I thought of our safety pin fights, Mi. Imagine, we fell over each other to give each other things, but when it came to safety pins, it was hilarious. We would suddenly become adversaries!

I’d say, “My pin”.

You’d say, “No, my pin. I gave it to you.”

Then I’d say,”Oh wait, it was mine in the first place.”

You’d say, “I can recognize my pin. It was bent a little”

Then I’d say, “Nope. Mine”

And it would go on. Until we laughed. We’d tell each other we wore the mangalsutra basically so we can store our safety pins. So hilarious.

But let’s not always be conventional, Mi. Let’s look at other sharp things.

My sharp wit.
The sharp folds of my saree pleats.
The sharp crease of my, of all things, jeans
My aunt’s sharp tongue
My Grandfather’s sharp nose
My Grandmother’s sharp mind
My friend’s sharp sartorial elegance

And….what sort of photo challenge is this if I don’t post pictures of temples? Yes, I can find sharp in temples and temple deities!

Come on, Mi – let’s go!

Her weapons are sharp.
And so are his!
That center is sharp!
The cone applying the design is sharp!

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