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Not Self-Centered #FMSphotoaday Day 17

I have a bunch of pictures for today’s prompt, Mi! Centered, indeed. Let’s get with it, already!
You know I found this on the floor near our garage. Such a beautiful butterfly. Fluttering for its life. We watched it for a while and then went home. I have a feeling it flew off!

And here is one of your very own favorite sights! Your life centered to a large extent around these little babies! I am glad to say it is the same with mine, now. I just enjoy making different types, Mi. You would be so proud to see me roll them out with such ease. I always laugh when I think of how we would feel relieved that a “roti” meal meant less washing up, easier left over management and last but not least, tastier!  I fondly remember making extra rotis so we could cut them into bits the next day and toss them in the pan with seasoning to eat as an evening snack! How you loved rotis!  They are now a regular feature of our lunch boxes – especially the veggie stuffed ones – so easy to plan and make without the pressure of a side dish. At home, of course, we have accompaniments like salads, curd, pickle etc. But they make such a good boxed lunch on the go!

Here’s a beautiful yellow flower on the lawn at Fort George, Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario. It was a serene and peaceful afternoon following a fabulous trip to see the Niagara Falls. Then we headed to Fort George where Tanu and I strolled around. So beautiful in the gentle rays of the sun, cool breeze playing with our hair.

And here is this young pigeon happily jaywalking across the road in Sikkim – outside the Enchey Monastery as we watched, enveloped in our raincoats, as the rain constantly sprayed down on us.

This gorgeous jackfruit is from just one of the solid trees on the IISc campus. It was Vidur’s last day of the 10th Std Exams and we decided to have lunch in the campus. After lunch, we took a walk back to Ypur circle and clicked photos on the way. It was a warm quiet sunshiny afternoon and the only sounds were birds and the rustle of leaves as the branches of the trees greeted the breeze and the ones we crushed under our feet as we strolled down the pathways.

Wherever we go, we wish you were with us. In a sense you are, because we talk about “if Paati was here…..”

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  1. Your boxed-lunch rotis look great! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful thoughts and pictures. I’m always so inspired by your love for your mom.

  2. WOW! All of them. 🙂 I hate making rotis still! But I love to eat them. 😀

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