Negative space. What a prompt for today. I am thinking of all the people we allowed to occupy our minds, rent free – if that is not negative space, I don’t know what is. Obviously I can’t photograph those spaces so I am going to do the conventional negative space. And hold my laughter at all the laughter we shared thinking of those negative space occupiers, Mi.

I suppose I could also call the shelf where I keep my stacks of negatives, negative space.
Or the space in my mind where bad thoughts play, negative space.
What about the cluttered areas I’ve been planning to clear? Negative space?


Here are some conventional examples of negative space.

I found this plant kissing the wall at the dentist’s clinic. Looked pretty to me.

This guy – night tern – sat still for so long – I got impatient. I got so many shots of this bird, it is not funny! Quite the poser!

And this crow sits on this wire every day. It was a beautiful pink sky. Bird on a wire.