Lunchtime Day 21 #FMSphotoaday

We decided to make burgers for lunch, Mi. So I took a couple of photos of the “makins” . I can tell you it was a tough job to retain a couple of those cutlets for the burgers – they were so yummy on their own. Hmm. As our man said, ultimately they all arrive at one place. Truly. Out of the mouths of babes.

Here they are, happily simmering and soaking up the oil and filling the air with anticipation and the fragrance of fried potato – so appetizing!

Then I packed them into toasted burger buns along with mayo, cheese, tomato and onion slices.

Mi, you remember that Aloo Mash or something we used to get years ago – when they just launched it? We first saw it at the Heritage supermarket at 15th Cross. I don’t see those any more – but, ah, what memories of making all sorts of things with them! We were so excited that a cupful of the flakes and half a cup of water could result in aloo mash – and because they had just launched, they were being given away as freebies for shopping there!

Potatoes. Always bring a smile to my face!

Yes, we enjoyed our lunch very much. With Music.

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