Into the Sun Day 27 #FMSPhotoADay

Into the sun spells sky watch for me. And what better place to do it from than the terrace!

Here, in this picture, I swear God was trying to talk to me. I like how we get to see this frequently, especially now, as it is the season for rains and there’s no telling when the sun will suddenly get obscured by clouds, but valiantly try to shine through.

 Before the skies clouded over Рa golden sun, reluctantly getting ready for bed time in our part of the world!

This is a favorite photo – at the Ranganthittu sanctuary near Mysore. That tranquil water is deceptive. I knew there was a crocodile floating under the surface, shocking us with its suddenly splash on the surface.Will it swallow the shadow of the sun?

Into the sun Day 27 #FMSPhotoADay

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