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Handwriting Day 30 #FMSPhotoaday

And so we are at the final day of the June photo a day challenge. Today’s prompt is handwriting. I am sharing something I’ve learnt, and I am trying to follow, Mi! As you can see – I’ve written it down for all to see:

And here are some notes from our Happiness Jar:

That is all.

And that, my friends, finishes the June PhotoADay Challenge.

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Vidya Sury

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8 thoughts on “Handwriting Day 30 #FMSPhotoaday

    1. Thank you, Sulekha! 😀 You caught me just before I updated the post with another fun picture 😀 Happy Sunday to you!

    1. Chicky – i call it my Happiness Project. I have a big jar which I call my Happiness Jar

      Here’s what we do:
      Each time something makes us happy, we write it down in a slip of paper and put it in this jar, consciously appreciating every little thing. We watch the jar fill up. At some point, it may not even be necessary to open the jar and read each slip, though we’ll do that too. Just seeing it fill up is motivating, inspiring. 🙂

      Try it.

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