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Give Me Red:Day 28 #FMSPhotoADay

Ah, your favorite color, Mi! Red! You were so obsessed with it. You believed that if you wore a red sari while going out, your trip / meeting / interview would be successful. It was like a good omen. Why, even while packing for the hospital you wanted a red housedress because you insisted you’d recover sooner! When you agreed to start wearing salwar kameez, I got you at least five different red kurtas! I admit I love the color myself, but I tend to look at other shades too. But you, you were loyal to red.

Let’s look at some reds today!

Here’s a shop in Kensington market, Downtown Toronto. Very pretty street. I almost bought the skirt.  If you had been with me, you would have convinced me to buy it, knowing very well I wouldn’t wear it. Hmmph!

Always love the sight of tomatoes. Love tomatoes. These were begging me to pick them up and eat them. I did. After I paid for them.

Here’s one of my favorite reds! There are three of us here – only, we can’t see the third person, safely tucked away in the tummy of the person on the left. hahahaha!

 And here’ s another favorite red – my old Wren And Martin!

Red- Day 28 #FMSPhotoADay

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