Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

From Down Low. Day 9 of the June #FMSphotoaday

Every morning, I look up to you, Mi. I wish you, ask you if you slept well and then look forward to the coffee we will have together, in spirit now.

Then I look up at the Goddess Almighty. Who also happens to be your namesake, Devi. I love how we’re keeping it all in the family, eh?

That made me smile. And stopped the tears threatening to escape down my cheek.

Here are some awesome things I’ve seen from down low:

The CN Tower. Had a tough time getting the longest part of it on my screen – and I didn’t get all 1815 feet of it. Oh well, I literally lay down on the ground to get this one – and it was a very cloudy day threatening to rain.

This awesome totem pole rose all the way from the basement to the roof of the Royal Ontario Museum.

And here is something I catch frequently from the comfort of our own terrace. Brilliant skies. So unreal. Yet very real. I never want to take my eyes away when I look at this beautiful palette that the skies show off with. I can’t help thinking that you’re smiling at me, Mi. I am sure you’re enjoying the shades of red, your favorite color.

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