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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Enjoying Life Day 22 #FMSphotoaday

Enjoying Life. And another memory triggered! Reminds me of K, whose first line when he called would always be “Kya yaar, enjoying life?” (kya rey, dear readers, is: kya = what; yaar = term of endearment for friends).

The answer was always “yes”. No matter what we did,we enjoyed life, didn’t we? Even when we were broke at the end of the month and lived on greens because we could get a couple of bunches of those for Rs.2. Not any more though, eh. They cost a bomb. To get a bowl of paalak (spinach) for three, I gotta spend at least  Rs.30 – three bundles.

I remember how you managed to get an onion, two tomatoes, a handful of beans and a potato, with coriander and curry leaves for Rs.5 – and we had a sumptuous veggie dish with rice, with neighbors joining in to share the “feast”!

Ah, that first coffee in the morning…when Mr.J would try to kidnap my tumbler of coffee! What fun that was.

Vidur smelling the coffee before we took a sip out of it.

So coffee and food = enjoying life? Sort of, because everything we did managed to come back to coffee and food – whether it is reminiscing or actually enjoying the coffee and food because it always includes family and friends! 🙂

I love the ever-changing equation that makes up the phrase enjoying life, because it depends on the state of mind. Right now – here’s what I wish for.

I really wouldn’t  mind chilling in this place.

 Or this one….

 Or this one…..

 Oh yes, I covet all three!

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2 thoughts on “Enjoying Life Day 22 #FMSphotoaday

  1. A vacation cottage with a hammock or something else to swing and read a book AND lovely weather. That is enjoying life. 🙂 Every moment in life should be enjoyed. 🙂

  2. I’d like to be chillin’ in those too. Nice one again Vidya. And yes, food and tea (in my case) is enjoyment of life.

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