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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Empty Day 26 #FMSPhotoADay

Empty is a neat description of the space you occupied in our home physically, Mi, but not in our hearts, because our hearts and minds will always be full of happy memories of you, your laughter, your smile and your encouragement.

Empty also describes some hearts I know.
Empty describes my coffee cup right now. I just looked to see if I could eke out a last drop. Nope.
Empty is how I would like to see some spaces in our house – I am already on a clutter diet, so there is headway there.
Empty minds  – ah, that’s a myth!
Empty life – for some.

So here are today’s expressions of empty, Mi….

An empty wicker boat, floating, waiting for passengers for a swirl around the lake near Somanathapura

 An empty rickshaw near the Taj Mahal, Agra – we hired him and then walked with him to the entrance of the Taj complex. I  mean, who would want to make him pull weight? He was delightfully dressed, though! As though he was going to a wedding! This cycle rickshaw is abundant in the area around the Taj to ensure it is a pollution free zone. They compete with horse carts and battery operated vehicles.

Ah, an empty chalkboard! So many possibilities! 
 Empty benches along our very own 8th Main – nice and cozy, really, with a canopy of trees.
An empty shrine. 

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